Monday, 1 April 2013

Restart Attempt #2! Day 1: Monday, 1st April 2013 (Attack)

.... Hum XD So I've completely gone off the diet since my last post! I've managed to put on all that I lost on the original diet (+1kg XD;) since hahaha.

I can't really say if there's any one factor motivating me to make another attempt at the diet (the fact that I no longer can fit most of the clothes in my wardrobe is a big one...), but the one that really pushed me into starting the diet now was news that I'd be travelling to the UK and US in June. I kind of really want to shop for more clothes (not that I need them, but hey, clothes!) so I decided it was time to start the diet, this time with an actual deadline and set targets.

I suspect I will not hit my targeted weight by the time I have to fly off, and I'll most definitely break the diet when I'm travelling (and likely also before that as I will be going through a very stressful time at work in mid-June), but I hope I'll be able to continue the diet to completion after that.

This time, I'll be the only one in my family on the diet (seeing as how my sister and I no longer live in the same house and have different work schedules), but hopefully it might make it easier on me because I no longer have to cater for 3 persons' culinary preferences, and can actually cook things I like that my sister and her husband find weird.

(That said, I don't mind if food doesn't taste great, and am very open to gastronomic experiments, and am also apparently blessed with an iron stomach, so maybe it's more that I'm easily pleased....)

So.... without further ado, here I go again!

Phase: Attack
Weight: 72kg

Bust: ~100cm
Waist: 81cm
Hips: 108cm

Notes: Just before purchasing my groceries for the week, I stumbled across The Complete Dukan Cookbook at a bookstore and bought a copy. I have to say, the recipes look much improved from the first time I did this diet, and are all very inspiring! The book is full of detail and the best part is - it only cost me RM100, as opposed to the RM1,000 it would have cost to purchase another round of online coaching.

I was a little lazy with preparing my food yesterday, so today's breakfast, lunch and snacks weren't anything spectacular, but they still looked pretty decent! It's alot of food, but I was really worried about being stuck in the office with nothing to eat...

2013-04-01 Breakfast, Lunch and Snack

I'm definitely more open to trying out more official Dukan recipes! Last time around, I kept avoiding so many recipes because I couldn't find low-fat or fat-free fromage frais anywhere, but I've finally realised that fat-free cream cheese, softened and diluted with a little fat-free yoghurt, makes a pretty decent substitute.

Today, I decided to try my hand at making Dukan Mayonnaise! It was much easier than I thought :) I'm a bit worried since it has raw egg yolks in it, but well, if I fall sick, I'll know the culprit ^^;

2013-04-01 Dukan Mayonnaise

(Sorry for the awful photo, but for some reason, this was all my phone wanted to take... ^^;)

The main inspiration for making the Mayonnaise today was that I hadn't eaten three of the boiled eggs I'd prepared for today, and didn't want them to go to waste. Instead, I chopped them up, as well as the smoked salmon I didn't finish, and mixed them with the Dukan Mayonnaise for a really filling meal :)

I also prepared a salmon parcel with basil and lemon for my lunch. It's considerably less food than I had today, especially considering the egg salad is meant to be dinner, so I hope I don't get too hungry tomorrow!

Alright, finally going to end this long post with a record of the foods I've eaten today.


Foods Eaten:
1 hard boiled egg
1 steak with Dijon mustard
3 slices lean turkey ham
1 low-fat Happy Cow cheese
milk with oatbran and sweetener
1 bowl of broth with salmon and prawn
2 small bites of egg and smoked salmon salad

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