Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Days 8 & 9: Monday & Tuesday, 8 & 9 April 2013 (Cruise - PV and PP)

Phase: Cruise - PP
Weight: 70.8kg

Bust: 96.5cm
Waist: 78cm
Hips: 108.5cm

Notes: Whoops, forgot to record yesterday's food! Weight went up a little because of the store-bought stuff I ate on Sunday, I think. Yikes! And I think I've also been drinking a little less water, and forgot my exercises oops! Gotta get my hat on straight and put in more effort!

I think my weight will probably go up for the next few days though, cos I had a full sinful meal today. But I couldn't help it, my dad cooked dinner today, and my sis contributed a dish, and this isn't something that happens often, so I had to show them appreciation. Plus, a neighbor brought over fresh mochi from Japan, so I had a bit of that too :/ Oh well. Have to be more strict over the next few months!!

Foods Eaten:
2-egg omelette with beef strips and cheese
2-egg omelette with tofu and cheese
chicken rice meal with curry and a lot of sinful stuff, including mochi
hot milk with oat bran

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