Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Day 3: Wednesday, 3rd April 2013 (Attack)

Phase: Attack
Weight: 70kg (?!?!)

Bust: 97.5cm
Waist: 79cm
Hips: 109cm

Notes: I was really surprised this morning to see such quick results in only 2 days! The one that had me really befuddled was my bust and waist measurement - 0.5cm in one day is a pretty darn good achievement! :D Motivation? Yes!

Again, today was a pretty stressful day at work, so I was feeling pretty hungry most of the time, but drinking water helped keep off the hunger most of the time.

We did get into a discussion about diets in the office today. All the newbies seem rather skeptical, but the others who watched me go through it know it does work.

On the other hand, I did find a great replacement for rice! A colleague used to work in a kitchen, and he mentioned boiling/steaming cauliflower till just cooked, draining it then blitzing it in a food processor till it's crumbly. Apparently, it acts as a great substitute for rice when you have, say, stew (since we can't have kari or kuah on this diet...).

Lunch was... interesting! I ended up eating only half the fish because it was really too big a portion to eat with the steak (I um kind of forgot about eating breakfast hahaha). It was not bad, but perhaps the herbs I used for it wasn't quite so suitable. I think I'd prefer eating this open-roasted in an oven rather than ovenbaked in a parcel, and with lemon juice and pepper as seasoning.

Dinner was actually part of the main meal my maid cooked for my parents, since she had an herbal soup and air-fried chicken. I made sugar-free cherry jelly! It's actually from an instant-jelly box, but I read somewhere that Sugar-Free Jell-O is okay to eat. This packet expires in May, so I figured I ought to make it now before I forget it exists hahaha. Yay, I have dessert tomorrow!

Sorry, no photos of food today, because breakfast and lunch are actually disturbingly similar to what I prepared for today hahaha. Steak, and oven-baked fish parcel ^^;

Foods Eaten:
1 pan-fried steak with oregano mayonnaise
1 medium-sized piece of lemon sole baked with thyme
3 slices turkey ham
1 air-fried chicken drumstick
6 slices fresh salmon sashimi
1 large bowl of herbal soup (didn't eat any of the stuff in it)
hot milk with oat bran

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