Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 14: Sunday, 14th April 2013 (Cruise - PP)

Phase: Cruise - PP
Weight: 70.2kg

Bust: 96.5cm
Waist: 76.5cm
Hips: 107.5cm

Notes: I'm pretty sure my hip measurements for today are actually a little inaccurate since I was in a hurry this morning. Oh well!

I had a pretty good day! As usual, we went to church in the morning, followed by grocery shopping. I spent a few hours cooking some Dukan stuff that I could freeze for quick meals during the week!

I tried the meatloaf recipe from the Complete Dukan Cookbook, and though it looked rather odd before I stuck it in the oven, it turned out pretty tasty! I'm actually pretty excited because I dug out my KitchenAid food grinder and made my own chicken mince for the recipe. Simple things that bring so much happiness :D

The meatloaf recipe is actually meant to be a 4-person portion for starters, but it's really a lot of food ^^;; There was so much I managed to make two loaves, and divided each loaf into three as a main course, so that's 4 meals sorted for the week! (I had one portion for lunch and gave another portion to Myra for taste-testing hehehe)

I also finally remembered to make the Dukan ketchup, which I have to admit is really good. I think I actually prefer it over the store-bought ketchup! And it goes really well with the meatloaf, so hurrah! :D

I also wanted to try one of the Dukan oatbran bread recipes, so I dragged out the breadmaker. Er - it didn't turn out so well hahaha. I think there wasn't enough ingredients or something, or maybe I was supposed to smoothen over the dough before it started baking, but the loaf is in a really really odd shape ^^; The taste is alright, as is the texture, but (as my mum put it) it looked like the rats got to it first ^^;;

Oh well, I'll try the recipe again with double the ingredients and the "wholemeal" setting, rather than "wholemeal rapid", and see what happens. If that still fails, I'm just going to stick to the microwave recipes hahaha. On the other hand, I'm feeling more inspired to make fresh bread for my parents now, especially since my mum eats a few slices of bread everyday.

I kind of broke the diet in the evening though, because my sister brought us to this place with absolutely sinful kushiyaki!

Foods Eaten:
2 half-boiled eggs with steamed otak-otak
1 portion of chicken meatloaf
Lots of very sinful, fatty kushiyaki

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