Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Restart! Day 4: Wednesday, 6 June 2012 (Cruise - PV)

Haha okay, so to be completely honest, I've been off the diet since Christmas with occasional meals that are Dukan-friendly XD;;;;

I know I'm just making excuses, but most of the weight that I've put back on (3.5kg!!! *gasps in horror*) was from the past one month alone, where I was working 16-18 hour days just to pull everything together for a conference. Thank goodness it's over now though!

With my sister's wedding a month away, I'm now panicking over needing to lose the few kilos I've gained XD;;;; I'll need an intense 1 month of dieting and working out for my sister's wedding, but if I don't hit my target, I think I'll be fine - I'm not the bride, after all :) I restarted the diet on Sunday (with a small lapse already from yesterday's lunch *sighs*) and signed up for a one month unlimited pass at a nearby Yoga center.

Had my first pilates class on Monday, and another class today - so far so good! My body seems to know that I need it to lose weight because it's only been about four days with lapses and I've already gone down 1.5kg XD;

Pilates is more fun than I thought! Time passes really quickly, and I do concentrate more on using my muscles rather than "omg so pain", so it's a good distraction. Only thing is I really couldn't do some of the rolls they were asking us to do - basic stuff, but apparently I have a "sharp tailbone", which is supposed to be uncomfortable - yes it is, and I'm not sure if that crunching feeling I get is at all healthy XD;

(But honestly, part of the reason why I'm so determined to go for the classes at the yoga center is that I got it on promotion - nearly 90% off for one month! So I really want to try as many things as possible during this one month to see if I should continue with my membership or not ^^;;;)

My mum decided to sign up for the same membership to teman me :) She went with me for the first class on Monday, which was an easy level class, but for people with a little more experience. It didn't feel so bad when we were doing the exercises, and my mum kept complaining that she didn't sweat at all, therefore it was no good. I got pretty irritated at that - you don't sweat, but you can obviously feel the exercises working on your muscles, therefore you are working on your muscles! The aches kicked in much later - there was her own proof that the muscles were being worked on!

My parents are both of the mindset that if you aren't sweating, you aren't exercising - my dad used to go so far as to ban open windows, air conditioners and fans in the room with our treadmill so that we'd sweat more. The first time he turned everything off while I was on the treadmill, I just turned the treadmill off and refused to get on it again till he allowed the fan - the room has absolutely no air circulation and is hot as hell, and he wants me to run in there? No way. I'd pass out long before I hit the 10minute mark out of the stuffiness.

Worst is that both my parents always think that the only way to exercise is to either play a sport like football or rowing, or go on a treadmill. They don't believe in dancing or yoga as a form of exercise. So boring! I can't stand treadmills and situps - nothing to really concentrate on, and it's just doing the same bleeding thing for half an hour. Completely unimaginative.

At least now that my mum knows that these classes do work on certain muscles, maybe they'll let me branch out a bit more to something I'd actually like.

(Ahem, you can kind of tell this is a seriously sore point with me XD;;; I can't tell you how many times I've argued with them on this topic - and they still can't get it into their thick skulls that I hate the goddamn treadmill!)

Anyway - back to the story :P"""

I went alone for the basic pilates class today. (Mum had something else to do) It was both more and less strenous than Monday's lessons - I learned alot more of how to focus on the correct muscles, so I got more of a workout in the areas I'd like to reduce, but the places that were aching on Monday weren't really the focus for today. But I think it's good I came for this one - smaller crowd, so more attention is paid to everyone, and more individual attention. She also explains alot more about what you should do with your muscles.

Of course, as with everything, it takes practice to build up strength and to be able to do some of the exercises easily, so I just have to keep going back :)

Well, I guess that's about all! Ending this with the customary measurements & weight tracker thing I used to do.

As at Sunday, 3 June 2012:
Weight: 64.5kg
Bust: 92cm
Waist: 75cm Hips: ?? Didn't take this one, but I think around 103cm

As at Wednesday, 6 June 2012:
Weight: 63kg
Bust: 91.5cm
Waist: 73.5cm
Hips: ?? Again, didn't take this one, but should still be the same at around 103cm

Yeah, my measurements completely exploded :/

Alright, goodnight!