Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 110 (Thursday, 26th January 2012)

Phase: Cruise - PV
Weight: 61.2kg

Bust: 91cm
Waist: 70.5cm
Hips: 98cm
Thighs: 97cm

Notes: Whoops, haven't updated in so long!! I wasted about a month of my time on this diet :/ I went to visit my brother in Cambridge and lapsed pretty much the whole 10 days I was there, then Chinese New Year came up and I lapsed alot again... I managed to hit 60.8kg, but I've obviously put on some weight again ^^;;;

Now I need to be really disciplined and make sure I hit my target weight!! I know Ling and I have promised that we'd stop at 60kg, but I've told her that I'd like to continue to 59kg or even 57kg if she'll allow me to - if only to say that I'm 50-something kg :P

I need to take it slowly at this point - one kilo at a time is easy to tackle rather than "OMG need to lose 6kg more!" ^^;

I also haven't been taking my oat bran or drinking enough water - need to start back up on that habit again :/

I really need to work on reducing my hip and thigh measurements!! They're going down, but really slowly. Need to up my glutes exercise....

Btw, officially on the website, I've started consolidation phase, but I'm not really satisfied with my weight or measurements yet, so I think I'm just going to continue with the diet till I do.

Foods eaten:
2 types of stir fried vegetable
1 curry chicken drumstick
a portion of mutton
2-egg omelette with 1 slice cheese
6 chicken drummets
a little bit of braised chicken
a portion of fried choi sum