Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Phase: Cruise - PV
Weight: 70.3kg

Bust: 96cm
Waist: 76cm
Hips: 107.5cm

Notes: My measurements are all going out of whack! I think I must be sleepier in the mornings than I thought hahaha. Sticking more strictly to the diet today.... Need to exercise more self discipline!!

Made milk bread for my parents today! Or rather, it's in the process of making haha. Hope this round turns out well! I'll be making bread for my parents every other day if it does.

Foods Eaten:
Chicken breast marinated in peri-peri sauce
oven-baked salmon parcel
boiled broccoli with salt and pepper
steamed chicken
2 bowls of herbal chicken broth
daily portion of oat bran bread with Dukan nutella

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