Thursday, 23 February 2012

Day 138 (Thursday, 23rd February 2012)

Phase: Cruise - PV
Weight: 59.5kg

Bust: 90cm
Waist: 70cm
Hips: 97cm
Thighs: 96cm

Notes: Haha, since CNY started, I've completely lost track of the diet! In fact, I've been almost completely off the diet since then, with the occasional PP-PV day. My excuse was that I'm on the consolidation phase now, but that doesn't really work since I'm actually planning on losing more weight XD;

Anyway! I'm pretty happy with my measurements, except for my bottom half, but I guess that bit is to be expected - I do have to sit for most of the day for my job.

I've also been kinda sick for a week - had an awful case of stomach cramps, the runs and nausea for a week and was unable to keep any food or water down at all. I gave in once it hit the one-week mark and went to see the doctor, who told me it was likely an internal infection of some sort. I'm not sure, I was in a bit of a daze by then, and couldn't concentrate long enough to listen hahaha!

But anyway, I took some meds and I'm feeling much better now :) But I did lose nearly 2kg in 3 days XD;;; Mostly water loss, but now that I've hit the 59.5kg mark, I'm feeling particularly determined to bring it down to 58kg, then later 57kg.... XD;

Only thing is I'm feeling almost permanently dizzy and woozy nowadays, so I can't work as fast as I used to :/ And at such a busy time, it isn't a good thing at all!

Not many updates life-wise. Mostly been bogged down with work. So many events to coordinate and only so much I can do in one day - why do people leave the office at 5pm and not 6pm?? ;___; I'd be grateful if we could extend the 9-5 working hours of most people to 8-6. It'd make things much easier to have those extra 2 hours XD;

Kay, I've actually still got stuff to do, but had to bring home because it was getting too late to stay in the office alone, and there were too many construction workers around in the area. Bye!

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